Toyota Ignition Repairs

Toyota Camry 1994-2002 & Corolla 1993-2003

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Toyota Camry’s from the mid 90’s to around 2003 and Toyota Corolla’s around the year both have the same ignition problem when the key will turn slightly, enough just to release the steering lock and then it jambs solid.  This is a similar problem to other cars, but due to a very different reason.  Two sets of wafers that interact with the key blade jamb up and need to be removed.  We remove the ignition barrel from the housing and remove the faulty wafers and simply re-install it.  We also cut a new key to code to guarantee our repair.

Toyota Ignition Repairs
Toyota Landcruiser Ignition 2002

Toyota Landcruiser 100 & 200 Series

Most Landcruiser owners will be taking their car bush at some stage and some more than others.  Because of this, ignitions and their matching key need to work.

Toyota Landcruiser’s use a more complicated key than normal, that is susceptible to wear and tear like any other car, but can be a bit more difficult to repair just because of the style of key that it uses.  Usual problem in that the key doesn’t turn. Once we  can get the key to turn, we can then get the barrel out easily.

Once we have it out, we repair it by replacing all the internal lock wafers and also cut a new key to code, so that all the interacting parts are new again and back to factory specifications.  On this job we always replace with new wafers and have a specific kit for this to guarantee our work.  New wafers should always be used on these cars.  If not, then some of the old wafers are still being used and others being removed compromising the integrity of the ignition and with the possibility of the keys falling out while driving.