Lost or Stolen Keys?

There’s no denying it.  Lost car keys have got to be one of the most frustrating things to deal with.  Does the car have to go to the dealership?  Will I have to tow the car there?”  Short answer, no.  Just call us.  We will come to your premises, car park or roadside, wherever your car is and unlock your car.  We will then make a key and program a new transponder key on site saving you time and money by not having to tow it to the dealer and have you going within the hour. 

If your car keys have been stolen, we can also reprogram your existing key or even rekey the whole car so that the stolen key no longer opens or starts the car.  We have the diagnostic key programming technology and experience to cut and program keys on site saving you the stress and hassle whether it’s a non-remote transponder key, remote keys or proximity or smart keys if your car has a push to start button.

Please note we will need to know the make, model and year of your car when quoting as all cars are different and prices vary even with the same make and model but differing years.  Alternatively, if you can provide the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number for the vehicle, this will also help when quoting.  The VIN number can be found on registration papers, insurance papers and depending on the car, around the perimeter of the engine bay or around the drivers or passenger door frame and is 17 characters long containing letters and numbers.  An example of a Hyundai VIN number MALBA51BP9M035440.