Holden Commodore Ignition Repairs

Joondalup Mobile Locksmiths fix Holden ignitions. We come to you.

Holden Commodore VN to VZ ignition repairs would have to be the most common problem we encounter.  Either the key just will not turn at all, or the key turns but nothing happens.  Sometimes a locating pin at the rear of the ignition breaks through the housing and jambs in the turned position, not allowing you to remove the key. 

This is all due to general wear and tear.  We can solve these problems quickly and easily by removing the old barrel and replacing with a new genuine Holden ignition and rekey it to your existing key.  We will have your prized Commodore back on the road in 30 minutes.  We carry up to ten of these ignitions at any one time, as the problem is that common in Australia, meaning we don’t need to collect parts and can provide a prompt, efficient service to your door.

We are based in Joodalup and service all of Perth!

How not to replace a Holden ignition
How not to fix your Holden Commodore ignition. Customer had attempted it himself and broke multiple parts.