Ford Falcon & Territory Ignition Repairs

Joondalup Mobile Locksmiths fix ignitions on site. We come to you. No costly towing fees.

BA & BF Falcon, SX & SY MKI Territory

This is a very specific problem only encountered by these two models.  Up until around 5 years ago, this was an expensive and time-consuming problem to fix, as the whole steering column had to be removed.  Thankfully this is no longer the case.

There are two distinctive problems encountered with these ignitions, both due to the ignition switch housing. Luckily Joondalup Locksmiths specialise in fixing this issue.

The first is that the key doesn’t spring back after you’ve actually started the car.  This means you have to turn the key back yourself, to save the starter motor from burning out, which can and does happen.  The car can still be started and used in this condition, although it is not recommended for a lengthy period of time, as the possibility of burning out the starter motor increases the longer it is used in this manner.

 The second and major problem is when the ignition switch actually busts out from the rear of the housing, meaning the key turns but nothing happens or the switch breaks while it is on and you can’t turn it off.  Both of these problems are fixed by replacing the ignition switch housing with a new one in-situ, meaning the steering column doesn’t have to be removed.  Sometimes the starting can be intermittent which usually means the switch is loose and may be about to break.

Remember, you do not have to tow your car to the dealer or mechanic, as we will come to you and complete the job on site, from our mobile workshop and will have you on your way within the hour, backed by a full 12 months warranty on all parts and labour.

Joondalup Mobile Locksmiths are based in Joodalup and service all of Perth.

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Ford Ignition Repairs
Ford ignition switch housing repaired