Car Key Replacement Perth

Joondalup Mobile Locksmiths can replace lost or stolen car keys!

Lost or stolen key? Need a car locksmith in Perth to get you out of trouble? Look no further! Call Joondalup Mobile Locksmiths on 0473 594 959. We are your trusted car key replacement specialists in Perth!

Replacement of a transponder car key.
A transponder car key.

Did you know we also fix transponder keys? Transponder keys have been around for over 20 years now, with the major car manufacturers introducing immobiliser systems around the mid 1990’s.  Inside the plastic head of the key is an electronic transponder chip, which when turned in the ignition is energized by the car and verified to be the correct key for the car. 

The vehicles computer, or ECU, then allows the car to start.  In most cases of the earliest cars you won’t even know it has a transponder in the key because it is within the solid plastic head and there are no buttons on the key itself.  We can come out and cut spare and replacement keys on site easily and conveniently at your house or business.

Joondalup Mobile Locksmiths we come to you anywhere in Perth to replace your lost or stolen car key.