Joondalup Mobile Locksmiths

Hi, my name is Dion Jefford and I am the owner operator of Joondalup Mobile Locksmiths.  Based in Kinross, we specialise in servicing the local Joondalup and surrounding areas.  I have been working in the locksmith industry for over 25 years in New Zealand the UK and for the last 10 years here in Perth. 

I believe that most customers when they need the services of a locksmith, or a glazier or plumber would prefer use someone that is local for obvious reasons.  You’d expect they would be faster and cheaper than someone coming from Fremantle.  It follows true that most tradesman prefer local work also, but will normally take work where they can get it.  This can mean driving from Butler to Midland to Osborne Park in a few short hours, with a lot of time wasted driving and increasing costs.  I believe this is in-efficient and eventually more costly to all involved. 

Mobile Locksmith

Like it or not the major search engines such as Google and Bing have changed the business world forever.  In the past, a quick look through the Yellow pages to find a locksmith in Joondalup was easy and you got a locksmith from the local Joondalup area.  Now, it’s not so accurate.  If you search in google for “locksmith Joondalup” chances are the top four paid adverts are from services that aren’t based in that suburb.  They will come to you and help, and you will probably have a job well done and a happy experience.  But if they have driven from 50 kilometres away for a small job or a lockout, to me doesn’t make sense and doesn’t provide a fast, efficient sustainable service.

Being a Joondalup local, I wanted to start my own mobile locksmith business celebrating this by committing to Joondalup and the northern suburbs specifically, giving the customer a prompt, cost effective more specialised service.  

With this experience I have an intricate understanding of the various types of joinery, locks and door types contained and used in this rapidly growing area.  The growth of the northern corridor in the 10 years I have been here has been enormous and is still constantly changing, which is why I want to focus on providing an honest, reliable, fast and efficient service to this expanding area.